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Ice Climbing & Introduction to Mountaineering

Leadership and Team Building Wilderness Seminar

Dates: Feb 9, 2018 – Feb 15, 2018

Course Description

In winter 2018, JTreks will be going to Colorado for a leadership and team building seminar in a wilderness setting. Skills learned will include leadership skills, communication skills, ice climbing, basic mountaineering skills, and winter camping. See more about the skills in the Course Objectives. If you are interested in doing more mountaineering trips or summiting mountains in the future, the skills you learn on this trip will be invaluable to help you understand more about necessary skills while climbing mountains.

On this course we hope to summit at least one mountain, if not two. Current conditions will have a big impact on the ability to complete a summit, and what height the summit will be, but there are many choices of mountain summits in the area we will be in (San Juan mountain range). Mountain summits will range from 12,000 feet to above 14,000 feet.

Basic Itinerary

The basic itinerary is as follows (subject to adjustment; elevations are noted, as adjusting to high altitude is part of the plan):

  1. Fly into Denver on Friday, February 9, 2018
  2. Spend Shabbos in Denver (5000 feet elevation; arrangements made for you)
  3. Drive to destination motzei shabbos (about 5.5 hours; hitting elevations in the 10k-12k range)
  4. Spend night in hotel (8000 feet elevation)
  5. Sunday is ice climbing, followed by packing gear for expedition
  6. Drive to elevation again (11000-12000 feet elevation or so)
  7. Spend night in hotel (8000 feet elevation)
  8. Monday go to the backcountry, set up camp (about 10000 feet elevation), learn mountaineering skills
  9. Tuesday and Wednesday continue learning mountaineering skills, summit 1-2 mountains (12000-14000 feet), break down and set up camp once more
  10. Thursday, February 15, 2018 break down camp, come in from backcountry, return gear, drive to airport and fly home


  • Elevation: 5000-14300 feet
  • Activity Level: Moderate to Strenuous
  • Personal Ability: Should be in moderately good shape
  • Strength: Ability to carry 40-50 lb pack
  • Cost: Registration Closed– flight and personal gear not included (gear list provided)
  • For: Men only
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Course Objectives

Our objectives on this course will include:

  • leadership skills
  • team building skills
  • communication skills
  • ice climbing skills
  • basic mountaineering skills
  • self arresting techniques
  • winter camping skills

Leadership Skills

Build leadership skills as professional guides give each participant a chance to lead. Progressively get the chance to use more and more of your natural leadership abilities. Learn about what creates an effective leader, especially when faced with difficult tasks such as are presented on winter camping expeditions.

Team Building Skills

Build effective team building skills while working together in the wintery backcountry. Working together as a team to complete objectives such as summiting a mountain, setting up camp, breaking down camp and other responsibilities help participants work effectively in teams. Relying on team members for safety while ice climbing helps build trust and dependence on the skills of others, which help with overall teamwork skills.

Communication Skills

Constant communication is key to staying safe and alert and remaining in sync with your group. Practice communication skills where it is most important: in the backcountry. Being sure to talk and give feedback to guides and to other participants helps keep the entire expedition safe.

Ice Climbing Skills

Ice climbing involves many aspects of trust, teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Learn how to safely ice climb and belay partners. Lead climbing possibly available to participants who show enough skill.

Basic Mountaineering Skills

Every journey begins somewhere. Begin your mountaineering journey on this course, where you will be introduced to concepts and techniques that will be useful on subsequent mountaineering trips, including more technically advanced trips. Crampon use on this trip may be limited due to weather, but crampon use will be practiced during ice climbing.

Self Arresting Techniques

Being able to self arrest is among the skills to learn to be safe when mountaineering. Learn the ins and outs of safe self arrest for future outings to the mountains.

Winter Camping Skills

In winter, camping is a completely different skillset. Even if you have been camping in the summer, camping in the winter, at altitude, changes up the entire experience. This trip will help you get comfortable with winter camping.

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