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White Water Rafting

Leadership, Team Building and Personal Confidence

Dates: June 2018

Course Description

Can you brave the rapids? Join JTreks for a short trip as we embark on a white water rafting adventure in West Virginia. This multi-day trip will traverse miles, and include camping out as well as hiking throughout the trip.

By day, tackle the wild rapids in West Virginia. By night, experience a different world, with no electronics, no distractions, and true dark. Truly see the stars.

On this trip you will connect with people in a real way, with no smartphones to distract you. Learn leadership and team building as the boats travel down the river.

There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.
-Kurt Hahn, founder of Outward Bound

Basic Itinerary

The basic itinerary is as follows (subject to adjustment):

  1. Travel to West Virginia on a Monday
  2. Hike
  3. Dinner, campout, meet group
  4. Tuesday – pack up gear, load raft(s), launch before noon
  5. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – rafting on the river, learning how to work together
  6. Thursday – arrive at takeout, unload raft(s)
  7. Thursday – possibly additional activity (rock climbing or hiking)
  8. Thursday evening – dinner, travel home


  • Activity Level: Moderate but with long days
  • Personal Ability: Should be in okay shape
  • Strength: Ability to paddle in raft for hours each day
  • Cost: estimated $895 tuition – includes food, travel from Cleveland area, personal gear not included (gear list provided)
  • For: Teenage boys ages 14-18
  • Please Note: No-tolerance policy for cigarettes and drugs; no electronics allowed on actual trip
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Course Objectives

Our objectives on this course will include:

  • team building skills
  • communication skills
  • white water rafting skills
  • hiking skills
  • camping skills

Team Building Skills

Work together on a white water rafting trip and build effective team building skills. Work together as a team to complete objectives such as setting up camp, cooking meals, hiking, navigating rapids safely, and other responsibilities. This helps participants work effectively in teams. Relying on team members for safety while rafting through the river helps build trust and dependence on the skills of others, which help with overall teamwork skills.

Communication Skills

Constant communication is key to staying safe and alert and remaining in sync with your group while on the river. Practice communication skills where it is most important: while rafting. Making sure to discuss and give feedback to guides and to other participants helps keep the entire expedition safe.

White Water Rafting Skills

White water rafting involves many aspects of trust, teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Learn how to stay safe while in the raft and while on the river. Learn how to read the rapids and read the river to create a plan to navigate. Enjoy the water and the water play while in the river.

Hiking Skills

Learn how to stay safe on hikes while taking small hiking excursions from camp next to the river. Hike to the top of the canyon and experience stunning views all around. Enjoy the camaraderie and belonging while stretching the legs.

Camping Skills

Learn how to choose a campsite, set up tents, cook meals, and more. Learn how to spend the night comfortably in tents and in sleeping bags. Learn how to keep the campsite clean and how to break down camp.

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