Upcoming Wilderness Trips

From a single excursion in the morning or evening, to multi-day mini-retreats, to extended backcountry expeditions, JTreks can help you get outdoors.

Multi-day trips may include complete backcountry experiences, or more comfortable accommodations for sleeping with daytime excursions into nature.

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Upcoming Trips

We are working hard to put epic trips on the calendar for Winter 2021-2022.

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Get away with the guys! Sleep in comfort at a hotel, with various excursions:

-whitewater rafting
-caving (no belly crawling)
-shooting sporting clays
-axe throwing
-escape room

OPTIONAL team-building and inspirational speeches

May 9 – May 12

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Past Trips Include

Past JTreks trips include the following trips.

  • Winter Mountaineering & Ice Climbing in Colorado
  • Backpacking in Yosemite, California
  • Camping in Hocking Hills, Ohio
  • Camping & Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia
  • Kayaking & Camping in Virginia
  • Youth Programs
  • Summer Camps

From 2018-2021, JTreks was in somewhat of a dormant state while Ari Gunzburg was busy with public speaking and writing his award-winning book, The Little Book of Greatness.