Youth Programs

JTreks works closely with rabbinical figures, organizations, and schools to create a positive influence in young people’s lives.


The benefits of being outdoors are continuing to be discovered. Youth often can’t get the benefits of being in nature due to various factors.

Through these programs the teenagers gain the confidence and ability to be in nature more and soak in the benefits of the wilderness. This allows these young men to reap the full benefits of being outdoors.  

Ari Gunzburg with a group for a camping trip

Partnering with Organizations

Instead of maintaining a small youth program in one location, JTreks partners with organizations throughout the United States to offer youth programs in conjunction with these organizations:

-Eitz Chaim, Cleveland, Ohio
-More organizations coming soon



Here is a small sampling of photos from various trips and activities with the youth programs.  

Great Rapport

Ari Gunzburg, the founder of JTreks, quickly creates great rapport with youth of all backgrounds. From kids who are struggling with their religion, to yeshivish kids from the shtarkest backgrounds, Ari’s cool demeanor and knowledge of many things outdoors helps build quick rapport with the people he works with.  


Youth Programs For All Types

JTreks works with youths and kids from all backgrounds, in all situations, but never together. From kids off the street to yeshivish kids who are doing well in school, JTreks is here to make nature accessible. Each youth program is self-contained with the partner organization, so that kids are not unduly influenced by other youth outside their sphere of influence.

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If you would like to sponsor this program, or if you run a school or organization and would like to develop an outdoor program, please contact us.  

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